Choeur Itineris

Collaboration with Louise Drubigny

The choir Choeur Itineris is a vocal ensemble composed by 6 professional opera she-singers interpreting the most classical and popular mobile phone ringtones.

For the past fifteen years, our daily sound environment has been enriched by new melodies: mobile phone ring- tones. Easily memorable, instantly recognizable, it follow us everywhere, and by consequence become actual modern lullabies.

This ringtones, have also become a nuisance as it invite itself in museums, places of work-ship, planes, trains, cinemas... until the step of being prohibited during access to most confined spaces. It is impossible nowadays to let our phone ring freely anywhere, a fortiori in sacred places. While it is advisable to turn off our phone when ente- ring a room, Choir Itinéris locate «Traditional ringtones» at the center of attention. The public is invited to follow a unique listening on these melodies sung by a choir of professional singers. By revealing a sensational dimension to these disenchanted tunes, the Choir Itinéris treats with humor our point of view on these familiar songs. By reinterpreting and magnifying the «conventional ringtones» Choeur Itineris aims at anticipating the sacrali- zation of these profane objects.

itineris monsieur moo girls singing
itineris monsieur moo girls choeur
itineris monsieur moo girls ringtones song
itineris monsieur moo girls highlight
itineris monsieur moo girls singing

©Charles-Elie Delprat X ©Luce Potus