naufrage monsieur moo project melting
naufrage monsieur moo project melted
naufrage monsieur moo ice

The performance Naufrage is a project including video, sculpture and public event. Naufrage direct a man and a women casted away on a 7,2 tones hydric iced life raft. The performance consisted to allowed the public to witness in the same time of the cast away and of the huge logistic and cinematographic dispositive necessary to set the project.

The point , for Monsieur Moo, was to use the pretext of mise-en-scene and public presentation to experiment the connection between the audience, the subject and the dispositive. Due to a collaborative work with the Belgian artist Cathy Weyders the result of this project is a video banishing all the out of frame actions. Now Monsieur Moo develop two new video performances using the same form with the aim of building a feature movie in 3 chapters considering the globality of the project as potencial mise-en-scene element : from the mobilization of the technical, logistic and cinematographic teams, the subject himself till the integration of the audience.

naufrage monsieur moo project sea
naufrage monsieur moo marseille
naufrage monsieur moo pushing icecube
naufrage monsieur moo ice

Making Off : ©Luce Potus X Movie: ©Monsieur Moo and Cathy Weyders