paparuda monsieur moo cloud project

Paparuda is the title of a public performance about the artificially created rain at the frontiers of the US and Canada. The object of this performance is to echo a geopolitical accident which occurred in 1949 not far from the place where the USA had created clouds drifting towards Canada.At this incredibly dry time, History had already raised the problem of the ownership of the clouds and the water they contained. So Canada complained of being deprived of this rain by her American neighbors. After this event, under the mandate of the UN, Canada sanctioned the R.Q.c.P-43.r1 treaty legislating the artificial creation of rain in North America.

For three years the artist Monsieur Moo has been trying to obtain accreditation from the minister of the environment. This law has never been solicited in 51 years, which is all the more reason for this artist to try to play with the scale of the disproportion between a project's needs and the familiarity of his subject: rain.

paparuda monsieur moo balloon
paparuda monsieur moo mixing
paparuda monsieur moo preparing

Making Off : ©Ray Lavers X Movie: ©Monsieur Moo

paparuda monsieur moo cloud