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Throughout the history of the New York City subway's aerosol art movement there were meeting places for writers known as writer's corners or writer's benches. The majority of these meeting places were in the subway system. The last active location was the 149th Street Grand Concourse subway station in The Bronx, on the 2 and 5 IRT lines. It was active from the 1970s till subway aerosol art's decline in the late 1980s. At a bench located at the back of the uptown platform writers from all over the city came to meet, make plans, sign black books and settle disputes. The main activity was benching, (watching art on the passing trains). The writers would admire and criticize the latest paintings. This station was an ideal location for a writer's bench for several reasons. Since paintings rarely if ever run on trains, this bench is no longer frequented by writers. New York writers occasionally visit for the sake of nostalgia. Writers post 1989 and writers from outside New York City occasionally visit it as a historical location.

In 2007, i did in collaboration with Velibor Barišic and Colson wood for the technical realization, a new version of the writer's bench with a huge sound system. The aim is to collect trough Europe as much graffitis as possible. at the end the writer's bench will be completely recovered by names. During the tour the writers will recognize the early names. between 80's nostalgia and out step benching, the writer's bench is a means of carrying to meet the European writers community.

writers bench monsieur moo signing
writers bench monsieur moo signing

writers bench monsieur moo signing

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