Collaboration with Louise Drubigny

Yolande Project Monsieur Moo

It is always difficult to attach text on a work in progress. To defuse this situation boring Louise and I decided to consult a Tarot reader to tell us the course of the performance Yolande. This is Mr. Richart Carrozza Alexandro Jodorovsky assistant's that we give this divination.

Upon your arrival, Richart said he understands why I'm here already. I said all along this vision will affect the progress of our project, explaining briefly what it is:

A fishing boat hanging from 17 meters high will smash a wall of champagne, formally refined balance of power-boat, a rope, champagne-where all the parties involved are terraced. The role reversal between the boat and the Champagne suggest a reading of a comical gesture superstitious.

He then asked me to draw three cards, I have drawn in the order, the Empress, the strength and the star respectively embody the creativity, courage and success. Richard tells me that for him everything is clear. The interpretation of the cards is also obvious that after the performance. Consultation is completed.

Sauto Paul writes for the project :

Wave After Wave, day by day, year After year, she Carried me through life. She was my friend and family. I Looked After she and her Looked after me. The sea horizon WAS infinite and, at first, I felt free. I followed a goal by chance and path carved by Others. As time slipped-through my fingers, it Became shorting and harder. Now, her weakened bones Will Be taken and smashed. Sprayed with tears of champagne. Who will take her place? The Whole Thing Was a waste? Will THEY laugh or clap at this end? Are They Prepared to finish like her and me?

Paul Sauto working for an EU network for the sustainable development of Fisheries and utensil.

Yolande Project Monsieur Moo
Yolande Project Monsieur Moo
Yolande Project Monsieur Moo

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